Stein Turbo

« Stein Turbo» Super breeder and racer.

 I will here try to present the pigeon, its results as well as some of what its predecessors have accomplished. Stein Turbo, ring number 01-16118, is bred after for bought pigeons. The father is bred by Gunnar Hatlelid, and both parents were bought at Dion Esmanns Auction in the autumn of 2000. They are of Emiel Deweerdt ancestry, with birds like Spiritus in the pedigree. The mother is bred by Viggo Ellofson, and is from Janssen of Fredrikshoff loft. There, a Deweerdt male was bred with a small Janssen female with a very good musculature. The birds were also doing well in exhibitions, among others Stein Turbo is best in show at NBF National exhibition. Birds after him has also been best in show several times.  Stein Turbo were exchanged with my good friends in Fredrikstad, and flown with Helgesen/Hansen. His best var National champion from Byske 860 km in 2005, and he is a number four i Norway in 2004. He is also a section winner from Hudiksvall, as well as other top results. The interests in him started after the FCI WC in France, 2002. In this race a brother is number six in the finale.


Stein Turbo came back to me the summer of 2006.

At that time I start inbreeding, as I have been doing since the early 80’s after reading a lot of different pedigrees and seeing a pattern of good results. Several of my NM champions from the 90’s were inbred and cross bred, so I continued with this in the Turbo family as well. My results has been dominated with pigeons from this family. Often inbred and then crossed with different inbred strain.

I want to mention the Oseberg male 6978-09.

A good flyer with top results in the Northern Sea, he is named after the platform in which they flew him from. His best results from there is number four and number 16 as well as number four from Statfjord. He is after 7857-08 inbred from Turbo and crossed with my best flyer through many years, number 16210-01. Later he was bred with 4478-11 which is best female here in 2013. She is right after Stein Turbo crossed with 1244 from Henning Jørgensens 255 line. 4478 brother is number 2 as ace pigeon in 2015. These two have bred a lot of excellent pigeons. Best is number 13 DAPI 2017, see picture of pigeon under bird photos. He also bred number 31 in DAPI.

In 2013, 6978-09 is crossed with another inbred female from the Turbo pedigree, and a young pigeon is traded with Arne Lamback in Bergen. His pigeon breeds four fantastic pigeons that fly with good results in Bergen, of many top placements the winning of 400 km Drevsjø in 2016 and best young bird in 2015 and 2 race winners. must be the best. I take a pigeon of the one he got from me and breed it with a male from him, the pedigree is Gerorges Cartues. A youngster from there in number 27 in the finale in Great Darby Algarve, see picture under pigeon in 2017, 420 km with approximately 900 competing pigeons.

Pigeon number 8195-04 is a sister of Stein Turbo.

Our friend in ABF Atle Andersen moved to Fredrikshamn, north in Denmark in 2006, here he has settled down with several other Norwegian pigeon enthusiast. In the autumn of 2012, Atle gets pigeon 8195-04 and breeds it with The Camp whom later was number 1 Ace pigeon long distance in DDB. Their young were The Camp Brother. (see picture) They were the winners of the championship open 2015 and ace pigeon number two and number eight in 2015, long distance DDB.

There are also a lot of good one loft results from different members, and many around Norway fly well with this ancestry. There is, as well as in Denmark, also pigeons from the Turbo ancestry in England, Holland and Taiwan. Thorarin Camp 246 is back with me and is bred with a sister of 27 place Great Darby 17, so the future is looking bright.