One Loft Racing

Masters World Cup 2018 (main competition, final result)

We participate in a range of One Loft Races and in 2018 we came third overall in the World League Masters World Division, having qualified through our results in 2017. We also came third in the 2018 long-distance championship.

In 2017 Norwegian Turbo placed 19th on the FCI Racing Pigeon Grandprix Mundial ranking for the 2 Best Results After 21 Races.

For 2018 plan to enter the following One Loft Races:

  • Algarve Great Derby (Portugal)
  • Algarve Golden Race (Portugal)
  • MIRA (Portugal)
  • Danish Pigeon Race (Denmark)
  • Million Dollar Race (South Africa)
  • Derby Corabia (Romania)
  • Derby del Mediterraneo  (Spain)
  • IAPC yearling Championship (Portugal)

Best One Loft Results since 2015

  • Danish Pigeon Race (DAPI):
    • 2015: 10 place final
    • 2016: 14 place final
    • 2017: 3rd and 13th place final and 2nd ace pigeon; other top-100: 62, 66
  • Algarve Great Derby: 2017: Final number 27.
  • West Slovak Derby: 2017: Final number 30 and 69 and 4th ace pigeon

Photo from trip to Great Derby Algarve 2017 . Stein giving a photo of the new strain of pigeons to Sergio Ferreira .