Morten and Jon Magnussen (MoJo)

We are 2 brothers Morten  and Jon   who started with racing pigeons around 1974 . We joined the club Ving in 1979 and has been active flying pigeons since that time. We are both very enthusiastic and we have in the last years invested in many new birds from different strains . We are now seeing some results coming from our pigeons specially one  loft races with some good results . We think one loft races are the future in pigeon racing . To send the young birds away and see they bring results is fantastic and gives us a lot of answers from what pairs are breeding good pigeons and we can plan going forward. Our team we have called Team MOJO who is the 2 first letters in our names . We have joined the partnership in Team Norwegian Turbo and looking forward to be in the group and get top results around the world with the our pigeons and our friends in the team . Together we will be strong and will gain from each other the friendship fun and competition.

Pigeon Strains :

Since 2015 we have invested in new strains with success . We have pigeons direct from Nico Van Nordenne in Holland . Also we have strains like Marcel Sangers, Gunther Prange, Koopman,Drapa,Gerinix ,CWL Curtis,Wall and Lunt.

We are now testing young birds from all this breeders to see if they give results on different One loft races in Europa. And of course in our local racing club.

We started to participate in OLR in 2016 in Danish Pigeon race DAPI and we got 14 place in the final 400 km with a youngster from Van Loon/ Deewert&Janssen

This was the first year and we then was registered under our names Morten & Jon Magnussen.

2017 we had a team of 12 pigeons participating in DAPI race now under the name team MOJO . When the final came we had left 7 pigeons all who had done well . The final was very exciting the 3 first pigeons came 25 min before number 4 . In this group of 3 we had 1 of ours a red cock strain Sangers/Nordenne who landed on the entrance first went in but went out again without being registered . the 2 others then went in and ours went in as number 3 also this cock got 2 nd ace pigeon . Also we got 62 place with strains from Nordenne . 66 th place a sister to 3 place and 181 also a brother from the 3 place .Last one 317 a brother to 62 place . Overall fantastic results 3 of them coming from our super breeding pair Sangers/Nordenne.

We participated in 3 others OLR together with our Team Norwegian Turbo and had pigeons in the final for Great Derby Algarve and Golden Algarve with average results then we also had some pigeons in the new OLR West Slovak one loft race a very hard OLR with the Final  was 522 km. Here we had 30 th place and 69 place . The pigeon on 30 th place also was the 4 th Ace pigeon . This cock is a brother to the pigeons who got 14 th place in DAPI in 2016.

In 2018 we are under the Team Norwegian Turbo and also in World League  . It will be exciting if we can follow up on our success in 2018.

Morten & Jon