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Welcome to our new web page here we will come with news that are applicable relevant to our participation and results from One loft races .

The OLR season for 2019 is starting and the next coming months we will see how we do in the different OLR we participate in .

We have delivered pigeons to the following OLR :

  1. Danish Pigeon race DAPI
  2. Algarve Great Derby Portugal
  3. Corabia  Romania
  4. Medeterraneo  Spain
  5. Costa Del Sol  Spain

Results will be updated as the OLR begin.

IAPC 2019 results :

Very good result in the final nr 12,32 and 114 . In IAPC challenghe we participated with 1 pigeon and it come in as no 133 580 km.We was the 3 best team of 2 pigeons in the final .

026-18-426  number 12  in the final and ace pigeon no 7 overall . The father is a Verstraete after Maxima and the mother is inbred Stein Turbo

026-18-897 number 32 in the final and ace pigeon no133 overall. The father is a mix between Herlofsen/Stein Turbo mother is from Stein Turbo . Both parents section winners.

026-18-896 number 114 in the final and ace pigeon no 193 overall. Siebling to 897

IAPC Challenghe

026-18-872 number 133 in the final 580 km . This pigeon also participated in AGD 2018 . Ace pigeon 61 overall.Father is Van Loon + mix and Mother is Koopman/vandenabele


IAPC Final OK results for the Team. 450 km race 481 pigeons total. We had 3 pigeons in the final and all home with the following result :

-34 th place Turbo 2 026-17-1997 Strain 50 % Stein Turbo and 50 % Koopman ,Dirk Van Dyck,G Prange.
-96 th place Mojo 3 026-17-1698 strain 75 % Stein Turbo and 25 % Herlofsen NO
-408 th place MOJO 1 026-17-1679 Strain Janssen and Johs Marcussen DK

After all ok result now we are looking forward to the coming one loft races in Europe .

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