Turbo grid

Team Norwegian Turbo

Team Norwegian Turbo our thoughts and what it stands for:

  • Friendship – within the team and all other pigeon fanciers we get in contact with around the world.
  • One Loft races – participating in different One Loft Races, and of course go for the best result.
  • Fun – enjoying the social aspect of racing pigeons, the competitions, and having fun together.

The Name: Team Norwegian Turbo was created before we sent pigeons to South Africa Million Dollar Race in 2015. It is linked to the fabulous Stein Turbo and the strain from this pigeon that we all have bred from. The One Loft Racing World League wrote a very generous article about out team and what it stands for…

Best One Loft Results since 2015

Masters World Cup 2019 (main competition, final result)
Masters World Cup 2018 (main competition, final result)

We came third overall in the 2019 World League Masters World Division, repeating our previous third place overall in the 2018 World League Masters World Division, having qualified through our results in 2017. We also came third in the 2019 and 2018 long-distance championship.

In 2017 Norwegian Turbo placed 19th on the FCI Racing Pigeon Grandprix Mundial ranking for the 2 Best Results After 21 Races.


  • Danish Pigeon Race (DAPI):
    • 2015: 10 place final
    • 2016: 14 place final
    • 2017: 3rd and 13th place final and 2nd ace pigeon; other top-100: 62, 66
    • 2018 :
  • Algarve Great Derby: 2017: Final number 27.
  • 2018 :
  • West Slovak Derby: 2017: Final number 30 and 69 and 4th ace pigeon


Team members

Stein Thorsen

Now 61 years old I have been racing pigeons from Askøy in Norway since I was ten. During this time I have held several roles at club, federal and national level, and I was President in the Norwegian Pigeon Association (NBF) and President of the Scandinavian Pigeon Association (SBU) in2018. Main pigeon strains are Stein Turbo, based on Emil Deweerdt and Janssen, which is yielding good results in One Loft racing. The Stein Turbo strain is also doing well in Denmark and other countries. During the 1990s the flock consisted mainly of Vermote and Deweert, with great results culminating in the Norwegian Championship and Scandinavian Championship in 1993.

Morten and Jon Magnussen (MoJo)

We are brothers who have shared the passion for racing pigeons since we were kids .We started around 1974 with building loft in the forest close to home and since our father was in the Navy we moved from Bergen to Tromsø a city far north in Norway . Here we could not get rid of the passion we had for the pigeons and we built a loft behind our house . The pigeons we catched in the city park and we manage to have this pigeons as long we lived there for 4 years . Then we moved back to Bergen and built a loft in the garden of ours parents and contacted the local racing club Ving and since that time we have raced pigeons here in Norway. Now the intrest for One loft races has brought our attention and we think this will be the future for the pigeon sport. To join Team Norwegian Turbo we find exsiting   and will be fun to follow with the team friends going forward.

Mona og Frode Jacobsen

Mona & Frode living north on the island Askøy and is successfull in racing their pigeons. They are very interested in flying long distance but due to problems with preditors the season are short and there is not any real long distance racing on the program anymore . Frode and Mona has both always been active in their club and section and their effort to promote the pigeon sport is well known in Bergen area.

Arvid Myreng

I am seventy one years old, married to Ingebjørg, and I have two daughters. I live in Tønsberg, which is a town situated about 100 kilometers south from Oslo, by the western side of the Oslo Fjord, and it has 42,000 inhabitants. Our club is named “Tønsberg Brevdueklubb”. It was founded in 1934. The number of members has varied over the years, from 30 “in the good years” to 11 in 2018.

Tom & Lars Corneliussen

Father (Tom) and son (Lars) Corneliussen are the men behind this combination, with the experience from four generations in pigeon sport. Great grandfather of Lars, Reidar Corneliussen, started with pigeons in Oslo in 1910, followed by Ottar, Toms father and Lars’ grandfather. Tom started with pigeons in the 1950’s and have reached several national achievements both with his father and son. In 2015 Tom and Lars won the Long distance national championship in Norway, and in 2017 they became FCI world champions with the super prestation in Mira, Portugal. The combination has also claimed several top results in various One Loft Races, only sending a few birds. The philosophy of the loft is to manage the pigeons in a way that combines the interests of both family life and the life with competitive pigeons. This resulting in the challenge to get as good results as possible with a minimum of number of pigeons as possible. Taking part in One Loft Races is one of the activities that makes this possible.